Join us for an exciting webinar on October 12th, 2023, as we delve into the world of high school exchange programs in the United States. We are thrilled to introduce our esteemed speaker, Andreas Beyer, Sales Manager at Educatius, who will be your guide on this remarkable journey.

? Meet Andreas Beyer: With years of experience in international education, Andreas Beyer is your go-to expert for high school abroad opportunities. As the Sales Manager at Educatius, he has helped countless students embark on life-changing adventures in the USA.

? What to Expect: Andreas will unravel the plethora of opportunities available to high school exchange students in the US, including:

  • Classic J1 Program: Discover the timeless classic that has opened doors for countless students to experience American culture and education.
  • Select F1 Program: Explore the exclusive F1 program, tailored to meet the unique needs of international students seeking academic excellence.
  • Boarding School Opportunities: Dive into the enriching world of boarding schools, where academic excellence meets cultural immersion.

? Beyond the Classroom: But the experience isn’t just about academics! Andreas will also shed light on:

? Free Time Activities: Learn about the exciting extracurricular activities available to you, from clubs and organizations to community service.

? Sports: Discover how you can pursue your athletic passions while studying in the US.

? Life in a Host Family vs. Boarding: Gain insights into the unique experiences of living with a host family or in a boarding school environment.

?️ City Life vs. Small-Town Life: Find out what it’s like to study in the hustle and bustle of a city or the tranquillity of a small town.

? This webinar will be conducted in English, offering you an immersive experience in the language of international communication. Andreas will be joined by a former high school exchange student who has firsthand experience living and studying in the US. You’ll have the opportunity to interact, ask questions, and get real insights into the exchange student life.

? Mark Your Calendar
Date: October 12th, 2023
Time: 17:00
Platform: Zoom

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to shape your future and explore the exciting world of high school abroad opportunities in the US. Reserve your spot now and let your journey begin!

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